Wandering Woodfordia Picnic Rug

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Hand drawn by graphic designer Sharnee Thorpe, the picnic rug design is inspired by a selection of native flowers found across Woodfordia's 500 acre site, as well as patterns inspired by the 1800s British textile designer William Morris.

These beautiful picnic rugs are made from a durable printed canvas top, and a waterproof canvas base. Each picnic rug comes with a woven cotton strap for ease of carrying from stage to stage.

Size: 180cm x 145cm

Care Instructions: Our beautiful rug is made of natural Fibres, it will live and wear with you over time. The print will naturally fade with use. To keep the rug looking its best, try to avoid spilling acidic or harmful chemicals on the surface. Lemon juice, alcohol, salt water or similar should be washed off immediately by hosing down and sponging with cold soapy water. Always hang your run up to dry fully with the print facing down prior to storing.

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