Emergence AS8 Speakers (powered by Rotorsonic)

The Emergence AS8 speakers were designed to bring an audiophile quality listening experience to a broader audience, and have been researched and perfected over 25 years, by acoustician and inventor Joe Hayes.

The patented technology behind the speakers, known as Rotorsonic, is responsible for delivering unrivalled clarity, by removing the listening room as a source of reflections, reverberation and noise. 

An example of the effectiveness of our speakers is how they help to enhance clarity for the hard of hearing. In our experience, hearing aids can be worn while listening to our speakers, and the audio won't sound slurred or muffled, as is a common experience with other audio systems. With or without hearing aids, you will enjoy the enhanced clarity of audio that you get with the Emergence AS8 speakers, truly like being "live" in the room when the original recording was made.

If you don't wear hearing aids, but find yourself having difficulty at times hearing audio clearly and intelligibly, our speakers will help you to enjoy music and TV without cranking the volume.

Emergence AS8 2.1 Sound System

Amplifier / Subwoofer Unit
System power: 120 watts
Stereo power: 2x 30 watts (satellite speakers)
Subwoofer power: 60 watts
Inputs: optical, digital coaxial in/out, USB, analog RCA, mini headphone jack
Connectivity: Bluetooth with NFC

Satellite Speakers (Acoustic Hologram Generators)
Music power: 2 x 30 watts
Frequency response: 150Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity: 86dB at 2.83 volts @ 1 metre
Inclusions: USB lead, 3.5mm stereo mini-phone-to-stereo RCA, optical cable, remote control, Bluetooth 4.0 dongle with NFC

Featuring analog (RCA and 3.5mm phono) and coaxial, optical (compatible with TVs and Foxtel) and USB digital inputs, the system can accept signals from most sources, including WiFi/Airplay and Bluetooth interfaces.
The included Bluetooth device will connect to any Bluetooth enabled device such as your smartphone or computer.

Bill Hauritz’s Review

I met Joe the genius in Sydney, having been sent to see him by my friend from University of the Sunshine Coast. Joe is this “crazy scientist” who had developed what he describes as the greatest breakthrough in speaker technology since the 1920’s.

He spent a good part of the meeting trying to explain to me how the revolutionary technology worked. It fell on deaf ears, that is until I listened to the music he played.

Words can’t describe the new experience I was hearing. The clarity was way beyond anything I’ve heard before. It was sort of like listening to music in a sound-proof room with top quality earphones, but honestly, no words can do it justice.

Joe has manufactured just 500 sets and I bought one on the spot. He was selling them for $1,300 but generously gave me a $200 discount. I asked him if we could we sell them for him and in return, would he develop a PA system to trial in one of our venues. He said yes, so we’re setting up a new tech PA system for our Build Volunteers this year.

Based on this technology, I just can’t wait. I use his home system every day and it doesn’t matter whether I put them inside or outside, the sound quality is nothing short of mind-blowing. I don’t need an equaliser anymore - trust me, it’s a revolution.

I asked Joe if would consider extending a discount to our other Woodfordians and he agreed because he would still be making “a bit of a profit”. If you’re into high quality sound, I believe this will have you absolutely floored. I also think that when news of Joe’s speakers gets out, this technology will be everywhere.

You can purchase them for $1199 if you use the code WOODFORDIAN at checkout (Citizens of Woodfordia get an additional $100 off this already discounted price). Joe has kindly offered to donate $200 from each sale to Woodfordia Inc, for which we are extremely grateful.